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The Privilege of a Lifetime is to Become Who You Truly Are

Carl Jung


Are you ready to move towards greater fulfillment in life? Starting the journey can be the hardest part. I am glad that you are here and taking steps towards change. 



About Me

I am a Clinical Psychologist practicing in California. I am passionate about working alongside clients as they move towards living a life that is more authentic and fulfilled. My practice specializes in trauma, anxiety disorders, and neurodiverse communities. I feel honored working with my clients as they navigate their unique journey. I utilize interpersonal and attachment theories, EMDR training, insight building, and sensory processing to increase self-understanding, reduce distress, and move towards personal goals. Building a strong therapeutic relationship that is safe and supportive is essential to my work as a therapist.  



Specializing in Anxiety, Trauma, and Neurodiversity


Anxiety is one of the most common mental health concerns in the United States. Anxiety is a normal body response to stress. Within a typical range, anxiety can be beneficial. When anxiety becomes overwhelming to the point of interfering with our everyday it might indicate an anxiety disorder. 


Trauma refers to experiencing an event or events that that cause a person physical, emotional, or life-threatening harm. Trauma can also include reoccurring interpersonal threat experienced in childhood and/or adolescence. Complex trauma (C-PTSD) refers to abuse, neglect, interpersonal violence, community violence, racism, and discrimination.


Much like when we get a cut and our bodies naturally create a scab to heal, our brains too have a natural ability to self-heal. When distress from disturbing life events get stuck so that we relive upsetting thoughts, images, or emotions, EMDR can help the brain process these events to resume its normal pull towards healing. 

Each brain is unique. Neurodiversity refers to the different ways our brains can develop and the range of ways that unique development can impact how we feel, think, act, and perceive. Neurodivergent is a term used to encompass neurodiverse experiences that deviate from an expected norm. 

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