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Frequently Asked Questions

Why go to therapy?

People choose to come to therapy for a variety of reasons. You might be going through a difficult time currently, want to maintain previous work, or want to address potential issues in a preventative way. These are all valid and wonderful reasons to start therapy. Therapeutic work can help reduce the distress you are experiencing, can help give insight to empower you in living the life you need and want, and can create accountability in utilizing helpful skills and tools. 

How long is therapy?

The length of therapy is unique to each person and their individual needs. It is difficult to predict how long someone might need therapy to make good progress on their goals. Some determinants include how long it takes to feel safe and comfortable sharing personal experiences with others, severity and length of experienced symptoms, and unexpected life events that can inevitably arise. It is important to create goals at the beginning of therapy and periodically check in on those goals to ensure that they are being addressed effectively. 


Short-term therapies, which can be 3-6 months, might include navigating life transitions, addressing a singular problem with low complexity, or skills building. Longer term therapies often involve greater insight oriented work in addition to skills building. Long term therapies can include working through difficulties with higher complexity, addressing challenges that are also integrated with personality, and understanding yourself and how experiences have created current patterns. 


You might know that you are done with therapy when you have made significant progress towards personal goals and feel more capable and confident in your personal growth to continue using your skills independently. 

What is your fee?

I charge $190 for 45-50 minute appointments.

How do payments work?

I require credit card payment in full at the time of session. Payments are made through my client portal and can be set to autopay. Should you like, I can provide a super bill which you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. Reimbursement amounts can vary depending on your provider and specific insurance plan. I highly recommend calling your insurance company prior to starting therapy with me to learn more about your plans reimbursement. 

Do you accept insurance?

I am paneled with Cigna. If you have Cigna as an insurance provider, I would be considered an in network provider. All other insurance companies, I would be considered an out of network provider. If you have a PPO plan your insurance company may reimburse you for sessions. Please call your insurance company to learn more about your plans reimbursement rate. 

Do you offer consultations?

 I offer 15 minute consultations free of charge. In this time you get to express what you are looking for in therapy and I can share my experience and how I would approach work together.

What is your cancellation policy?

I require 24 hours advanced notice of cancellations and re-scheduled appointments. If you do not show for the appointment or if the appointment is not cancelled prior to 24 hours, I will charge the full session fee. This is necessary because a time commitment is made to you for that appointment time and is held exclusively for you. 


I require 24 hours advance notice of cancellation of first time appointments. For any initial session that is not cancelled within 24 hours I will require a deposit in the amount of a session fee in order to reschedule and hold the second attempt at a first visit. 

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